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What Was the Best Gaming Console of All Time?

When talking about what would be the best game console for kids of all time, you really cannot say easily, since there are lots of great gaming consoles that has evolved in recent years. But, honestly, you cannot tell to what may be the best of them all, because your preference is key to deciding which is the best games console.

There are lots of gaming consoles, such as Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Pay Station, Xbox One, Sony Play Station, Xbox 360, and many more. All of these are almost the same quality with similar features are all favorable with all types of kids and teens who will use them. But, for me, if I had to say what would be the best gaming console of all time, I would choose the Sony Play Station 2 or the Xbox 360, since both are amazing gaming systems that I have played most of my adult life.

Though the last gaming consoles like Sega Genesis Console were the best consoles in its own period with awesome games like Streets of Rage, Kid Chameleon, and the Altered Beast, as the years by pass, lots of gaming consoles were developed and are all upgraded according to users’ preferences. see more from

What is really a gaming console?

A gaming console is a kind of portal that allows video games to be played, tailored for most video gaming only which needs monitor or a television set being as an output. There are also highly complex handheld controllers which are utilized to make the consoles better than ever. Video game consoles may utilize one or may even more storage devices such as optical discs, hard discs, and memory cards to store their content.

These consoles weigh between two and nine pounds on average. Most are a boxlike structure and are compact in size which allows them to be used and carried easily to any location that has an electrical outlet. Also, each console has slowly been developed over the years in order to perfect them and keep up with more modern and more exciting technological developments.

game console for kidsSome dedicated consoles may only play on a built-in games basis. These gaming consoles are generally described as a “dedicated” which is a distinction from that of the most versatile PC and other electronic devices. read more here!

Below are the different gaming console that can be considered as best gaming console for kids according to your own preferences:

1. Xbox 360
2. Magnavox Odyssey
3. Play station 2
4. Atari VCS/260
5. Sega Dreamcast
6. Sega Genesis or Mega Drive
7. Play Station
8. Super Nintendo Entertainment System

There are still lots of gaming consoles being developed in recent years and that is why we cannot really make an easy decision as to what would be the best for us and what would be one we need to buy. Just consider your own preferences and what is financially suitable for your budget too. if you can afford the best, then go for it and enjoy!

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